HanoiTweetUp – finally faces are put to names!

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After such a long time of waiting and being jealous with the tweeters in Saigon for their brilliant SaigonTweetUp, we, Hanoi tweeters, have eventually succeeded in having our own HanoiTweetUp, which was a great chance to network and to “put faces to names” as described by @AC220.

I would like to say thanks loads to all that showed up and to all that supported by spreading the news.

It was just great to have “face to face conversations with no 160 character limitation” (described by @hegroup)

And below is the list of people who came to the meet-up (randomly arranged):

The two owners of SouthGate (of course):

From L’Espace:
ifhanoilespace (represented by Lea Gabrie)

From HanoiGrapevine:
HanoiGrapevine (represented by Brian Ring)
MienHPham (me!)

From The Word:
juliaplevin sadly she’s leaving us soon 😦

From Hanoi Environmental Group:
hegroup (represented by Ben Minot)

My twitter friends that brought me the valuable ideas and lots of support in doing the HanoiTweetUp:
RuthEMortimer so sad that Ruth is leaving Hanoi in June..
AC220 (or ACHanoiPR)

And all the tweeters in Hanoi:
MyFirstCard (Mrs. Westlakereview)
TheCartFood (or LoanHJackson, Mrs. Ourman)
xqueenniex (my actual friend in real life, thanks to @weljer now she’s gonna “socialize” more on twitter, hopefully!)

Two non-Hanoi tweeters:
ParadeofOne (a musician/composer from the States, engaged in street performance)
helenahurra (director of “Carmen” which is on at Hanoi Opera House 26 May) – and hopefully she’s gonna be a Hanoi tweeter soon 😉

And congrats to @yourboyinhanoi; @southgatehanoi; @playingwithsid; @madlyduck; @benjaminbland; @weljer; @RyusukeShimojim; @hanoi_ink; @hegroup and @jmott78 for winning the tickets to L’Espace concerts! Hooray!

Some funny tweets regarding this HanoiTweetUp:

@AaronJoelSantos: Also for all losing sleep not knowing, yes I will be at the #HanoiTweetUp at @southgatehanoi. Jason will you be manning the kissing booth?

@BakeTrail: Would love to go to #HanoiTweetUp. Hopefully, can squeeze it in between studying for MBA finals this week.

@philip_arthur: On the bright side I’m back at my hotel, planning a tour or two throughout Bangkok tomorrow. Still gutted I’m missing #HanoiTweetup, though.

@Vietnam720: 3 more hrs to #HanoiTweetUp. If u r in #Hanoi, go put a face to the tweeters u’ve been twitting with 🙂

@mattlepub: Kids asleep. About to get cash and petrol and head to the #Hanoitweetup

@MienHPham: Good time offline on twitter. Cool that now i can blah blah without being afraid of flooding ppl and getting unfollowed #hanoitweetup

And from David, a former Hanoi tweeter, now has brought his tweets to the Philippines:

@dukedylan: There is a lot of power in a tweet. I am proud to say my #Hanoitweetup friends have done what I was waiting to see happen. Good work!

Sorry tweeps that there are no pictures taken.. My mistake.. Next time for sure! 🙂

By the way, what do you think about the meet-up? Please leave some comments below this post, so that others who couldn’t or didn’t show up feel an urge to join the next time 😉

2 thoughts on “HanoiTweetUp – finally faces are put to names!

    Scott Ezell said:
    June 26, 2011 at 10:33 AM

    Hi Mien–

      Pham Hoang Mien responded:
      June 27, 2011 at 1:18 AM

      Hi Scott, nice to meet you the other day. Hope to see you around sometime 🙂

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