HanoiTweetUp – Meet up your TWITTER friends

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Tue 10 May, 6.30pm
28 Tong Duy Tan, Hanoi 

25 earliest comers are offered 25 free draft beer from South Gate

and 10 earliest comers will win 10 tickets for two to L’Espace concerts on 12 May and 27 May!

Non-twitter users are all welcome and hopefully you would join our diversified twitter community after the HanoiTweetUp!

A shout-out to all that have helped me with advice, ideas, support and encouragement to make this networking meet-up come true! A lot of thanks go to @RuthEMortimer, @ourman, @mattlepub, @hanoi_ink, @hegroup, @AC220, @gingerbiscuit84 and @Vietnam720 (organizer of SaigonTweetUp).

And if possible, please leave a comment below this post, reply to me on twitter @MienHPHam or RSVP on the facebook event. Just to know who we are waiting to see on Tuesday night! 🙂


Below is my twitter story – only FYI 🙂

My twitter life started less than a year ago, in June 2010, when I began to work on the twitter account of @HanoiGrapevine. At that time, my face looked like this when Brian told me to handle the @HanoiGrapevine twitter account: “ok, cool! But.. twitter.. what is that?! o_O”

And now after 11 months, I have become one of the most active tweeters (or twitterers) in Hanoi and have been trying to introduce and encourage friends to go on twitter and get a “social twitter life”.

Why I love twitter that much? Well, let’s say:

1. It helps me share the info about “what’s on around town” at the fastest speed to my twitter friends.

2. It also keeps me constantly updated with latest info about simply EVERYTHING, from the #HanoiTurtle, #HanoiEarthquake, #SaigonTweetUp to the #RoyalWedding or #BinLadenDead.

3. And it connects me to so many interesting people!

4. Up to you to fill in the list! 🙂

One of the tweeters’ favourite mottos is that “Facebook is for people you used to know and Twitter is for people you want to know”. And towards this purpose, I decided to do a HanoiTweetUp event for the twitter users in Hanoi to meet up and continue to discuss face-to-face about whatever they are discussing on twitter everyday. So..


Hosted by @southgatehanoi

Supported by @ifhanoilespace



and @hegroup

5 thoughts on “HanoiTweetUp – Meet up your TWITTER friends

    Hegroup said:
    May 9, 2011 at 11:16 AM

    Mien Oi!!! You saved HEG from the Twitterless oblivion.
    New to Twitter HEG now has old tweety soul.
    Looking forward to tet a tet partying with the core of Hanoi’s cyberhipsters.

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