HanoiTweetUp Jan 2013

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#HanoiTweetUp is a networking event initially organized for twitter users in Hanoi to meet face-to-face with their virtual “friends” and “followers”. However, the concept soon changed into an event for everyone who are interested in social media and want to broaden their network. HanoiTweetUp was originally inspired by this same event in HCMC called #SaigonTweetUp, organized by @Vietnam720.

There have been 4 events of this type in Hanoi:

– The first one in May 2011 and the second one in July 2011 by me @MienHPham
– The third one in October 2011 by @playingwithsid and @philip_arthur (when I was in HCMC)
– And the fourth one in January 2013 by @HanoiGrapevine (my team)

Grapevine would like to say thanks to @potsnpanshanoi for the host, to @ourman for the interesting talk about animal rescue in Asia, and to everyone who turned up.

Here is the list of participants, in no particular order:

HanoiGrapevine represented by me MienHPham
Potsnpanshanoi represented by Thao and Peter
Ourman and his two colleagues from AnimalsAsia
Christi Lane-Barlow
Doortomykitchen, owner of KitchenArtVN
Hoavinhle from The Word Hanoi Magazine
Madlyduck from MetropoleHanoi
IanPaynton from WeCreateVN
Zoom Le and her friend
Dom and Nina from Hanoisocialclub

And here are a few photos from the event. Thanks to @ianpaynton and @hanoi_ink for taking the pix.

@Ourman and Thao from @Potsnpanshanoi
@Doortomykitchen, @PierreMol, Peter from @Potsnpanshanoi and @madlyduck
@Doortomykitchen, @PierreMol, Peter from @Potsnpanshanoi and @madlyduck
@Pippasweetie and Christi
@Pippasweetie and Christi
@Talaaan, @TuoiThoDuDoi, @Huyenhai and @ThanhSapphire
@Talaaan, @TuoiThoDuDoi, @Huyenhai and @ThanhSapphire
@Ourman giving talk about #BearRescue
@Ourman giving talk about #BearRescue
Listening to @Ourman's presentation
Listening to @Ourman’s presentation
Pippa and Nina
Pippa and Nina
@Cainay and two ladies from @AnimalsAsia
@Cainay and two ladies from @AnimalsAsia

More photos on our facebook page.

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