The English Accent

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After watching the musical “My Fair Lady” last Saturday, I feel like writing something about the English accent 🙂

Yeah, English is originally the language of Britain so probably only British people are supposed to be native speakers. No offence or sarcasm(!) That was just what I referred from a hilarious statement by Professor Higgins in My Fair Lady: “In America they haven’t spoken (English) for years”.

That quote reminds me of the time when I tried to establish my own English accent.

When I was at my 1st and 2nd year at university, I was not satisfied with my Vietnamese English teachers; therefore, I decided to “invest” in some English centers to have the chance to talk to native speakers. Thanks God (or not) I have the ability of a parrot that allows me to imitate quite correctly the accents of my teachers. And I happened to have so many American teachers, I followed their accent and felt very comfortable. During that time people could recognize the American accent very clearly when I spoke English.

But then one day..

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